Makai nu shaak

July 1, 2017 § Leave a comment

I take food and cooking very seriously, not only because it is important to eat but I believe food brings happiness. As my professor had mentioned recently during one of the office hours. He said, “When you ask someone ‘What brings them happiness?’ People  usually answer – traveling or watching movies, meeting new friends people, etc., which doesn’t happen very often. But with food, you can create that little happiness in your life everyday.” I completely agree with him as cooking  and eating does bring happiness for me.

When a sibling gets married, you loose a sibling to another family but if you are lucky enough, you can gain recipes. Since every family has a different style of cooking and its own favorite and unique recipe, my sister N shared this corn recipe which she cooks in her home. It’s a quick and easy recipe with few ingredients. And very satisfying!






Boiled Sweet corn- kernels and pieces of corn on the cob

Oil (I use ghee)

Mustard seeds

Hing /asafoetida

Turmeric powder

Red chili powder

Dhanajeeru (coriander seeds and cumin seeds powder)

Powdered coarsely roasted peanuts

Tomato puree ( I like finely chopped tomatoes)

Salt to taste

Sugar/Jaggery (optional)



Temper the mustard seeds, add hing, turmeric, red chili powder and the tomatoes. Fry the tomatoes for a while then add the powdered peanuts. Add the boiled corn, add some dhanajeeru, salt, water and let it cook for a while. Sprinkle some coriander before serving.

Serve hot with roti/phulka.


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