Shakaria, Methi , Ringna ,Bateta nu Shaak

July 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

I had recently bought some fresh  methi leaves to cook  Methi Mutter with yogurt  and had some methi leaves left over, which were enough to make another  vegetable. This combination of vegetables is cooked often at my home. I took the recipe from my mom and made it. It was quick and very satisfying to eat with some hot rotis.



Ingredients :

Shakaria – Yam /sweet potatoe ( Indian kind which is white in the inside. Was told at the Indian grocery store that it comes from California )

Methi- Fenugreek leaves

Ringna – Brinjal

Bateta – Potatoes


Rai- mustard seeds

Hing – Asafetida

Haldar- Turmeric

Red  chilli powder (optional )

Dhanajeeeru powder- mix of cumin seeds and coriander seeds






Put oil/ghee in pan. Mustard seeds when oil is hot. The mustard seeds should splutter.  Then add hing, turmeric , chili powder. Add the veggies,salt, jaggery (note: sweet potatoes are a bit sweet already) , dhanajeeru and tomato with little water to cook in. Cover and let it cook on medium to low for 10-15 mins. Once all veggies are soft/cooked and the water has reduced , it should be ready to eat.



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