Mango Chutney

June 27, 2016 § Leave a comment

This is not a Indian style mango chutney. My neighbor got me two big green mangoes from his mango tree back home in Florida. I was more than happy to receive the mangoes without any pesticides and not from a commercial farm. However they were stone hard and I had never used this variety of mango in India. I went online to find out how to know if they are ripe šŸ™‚

I wrapped the mangoes in some newspaper and left them for almost a week. But would check on them everyday. After a week, finally the green color of the skin had turned a bit yellow. And a little soft to touch . I quickly found out the best way of using Ā the mangoes as I didn’t want to simply eat them when ripe. I found an easy mango chutney recipe Ā onlineĀ Ā and luckily I had all the ingredients ready at home.

When I cut the mango, it wasn’t as ripe but it wasn’t very raw as well. I thought the ripe and raw mix would make the chutney a rather interesting taste.



Ingredients :




Chopped Onion


Grated Ginger


Red capsicum/pepper

Black /golden raisins



Put all the ingredients in a pot. Cook for approx 1.15 mins until the consistency is almost jam like.Ā For more details please check the recipeĀ .


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