Mung Pudla( pancakes)

June 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

My mom has diabetes and had been very unwell few months ago. She had to change her diet and has to strictly abide by it. And I am glad she has changed her eating habits and now avoids the junk food/processed food as much as possible. One of the things she was recommended to eat was Mung Pudla as snacks/breakfast /dinner /lunch made from split green mung beans. They are delicious and extremely healthy. I make them often if I am just bored of cooking and want something delicious and light.



Ingredients :

Split green mung beans – soaked for 2-3 hours



Chopped coriander leaves


Cooking soda – pinch (optional)



Wash the soaked dal. Most of the green skin will be washed away. Thats okay ! Blend in mixture with little water to have a pancake kind consistency. Add chopped tomatoes, onions,coriander, salt and soda.

Put some oil or ghee in a pan.  Pour the mixture. Make round or whatever shape pancakes you like. Eat them hot with the coriander chutney. Yummy !








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