Whole wheat bread/buns

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I started off  baking whole wheat bread in the shape of a loaf as usually  recipes are made in a loaf tin. However, I found that to store, to give away or to eat the whole loaf was a bit overwhelming  and felt that the quantity a bit more for one person to finish.  Hence I now  shape the dough in bun or pav shape. In this recipe I sprinkled  some rolled oats  on the top from the Red mill Organic oats pack  which my sister had left for me. The tiny detail of some sprinkled oats changes  the look of a simple whole wheat bread and makes it healthy with added fibre. I follow this recipe 

The recipe is simple and the bread turns out soft and tasty everytime !


Whole wheat flour – 3 cups

Water – 1 1/2 cup

Instant yeast – 1 tsp

Sugar – 1 tbsp

Oil/ Butter/Ghee – 1 tbsp

Milk – to sprinkle on top of the buns/rolls

Salt- 1 tsp



Mix all ingredients properly. Knead dough. Oil and cover for 2 -3 hours . Punch it down and knead again and roll into shapes. Let it stand for half hour so.  Oil the tins properly. Apply milk and sprinkle oats.   Preheat oven to 390 F or 200 C. Put the tins in the oven and lower the temperature to 300 F or 150 C for 30 mins or so and keep a lookout. Check if its done by inserting a tooth pick or a knife. Nothing should stick to it. That means its done. Remove and enjoy the hot breads. I sliced and toasted the buns  and ate with some Brie cheese for breakfast. It was so satisfying to eat homemade bread with cheese and a cup of tea ! Ofcourse you could use the bread to make avocado toasts or eat with just some home made strawberry jam.


Avocado Salad

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When I arrived in the US , one of the few things my friend Z recommended was that I should start eating  ‘one’  avocado everyday. Its good for the skin, hair, etc. I didn’t buy avocados in India as I wasn’t sure how to use them and wasn’t too eager to try them then. I find that avocados are easily  available here in the US. And I also found  the avocados from Costco were of better quality and also reasonably priced for the pack. I have started eating avocados often now. But I am also lazy sometimes, so I make something really quick and tasty.  I must add here that I have a homemade feta with olives marinated mix which I drizzle over the avocado.





Marinated olives , feta cheese, garlic, mixed dry herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil) in Virgin Olive oil.

Chopped coriander leaves

Lime juice

Salt and Pepper.

Slice the Avocados. Squeeze lime  juice and sprinkle some salt  and freshly grind the black pepper. Add the chopped coriander and drizzle the olive oil mixture. Quick and tasty!

Mango Chutney

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This is not a Indian style mango chutney. My neighbor got me two big green mangoes from his mango tree back home in Florida. I was more than happy to receive the mangoes without any pesticides and not from a commercial farm. However they were stone hard and I had never used this variety of mango in India. I went online to find out how to know if they are ripe 🙂

I wrapped the mangoes in some newspaper and left them for almost a week. But would check on them everyday. After a week, finally the green color of the skin had turned a bit yellow. And a little soft to touch . I quickly found out the best way of using  the mangoes as I didn’t want to simply eat them when ripe. I found an easy mango chutney recipe  online  and luckily I had all the ingredients ready at home.

When I cut the mango, it wasn’t as ripe but it wasn’t very raw as well. I thought the ripe and raw mix would make the chutney a rather interesting taste.



Ingredients :




Chopped Onion


Grated Ginger


Red capsicum/pepper

Black /golden raisins



Put all the ingredients in a pot. Cook for approx 1.15 mins until the consistency is almost jam like. For more details please check the recipe .

Zeb and Haniya

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Its been a while since I came across the music of Zeb and Haniya . I have also seen them live in Bombay and I was mesmerized. Their music seems evergreen to me. Whenever their music comes on, I go into a different world. This song hooked me on to their music !



Mung Pudla( pancakes)

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My mom has diabetes and had been very unwell few months ago. She had to change her diet and has to strictly abide by it. And I am glad she has changed her eating habits and now avoids the junk food/processed food as much as possible. One of the things she was recommended to eat was Mung Pudla as snacks/breakfast /dinner /lunch made from split green mung beans. They are delicious and extremely healthy. I make them often if I am just bored of cooking and want something delicious and light.



Ingredients :

Split green mung beans – soaked for 2-3 hours



Chopped coriander leaves


Cooking soda – pinch (optional)



Wash the soaked dal. Most of the green skin will be washed away. Thats okay ! Blend in mixture with little water to have a pancake kind consistency. Add chopped tomatoes, onions,coriander, salt and soda.

Put some oil or ghee in a pan.  Pour the mixture. Make round or whatever shape pancakes you like. Eat them hot with the coriander chutney. Yummy !







Paneer with coriander and mint leaves

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I usually have a bit of milk left on the expiry  date. Instead of throwing it away, I thought of making some paneer at home as I am skeptical of trying the ready made paneer from the Indian store in the US. I have been used to the soft and  creamy paneer of Punjab Sind in India and I find the ready made  paneer here very unappetizing.



Ingredients :

Whole Milk

Chopped coriander and mint leaves


Lime juice



Bring the milk to a boil. When it has just started to boil  add the coriander and mint leaves. Switch off the gas and add yogurt and lime juice while stirring. The milk will start to separate. Once the liquid is clear which means it is done. Strain it through a sieve. And press lightly. Leave it to strain for 2-3 hours. It should be soft at the same time not very crumbly. Make bite sized pieces , sprinkle some salt on both sides and Sauté them in a non stick pan to  light brown.

I think the paneer could be eaten on its own. NO need of chutney.

I follow this recipe with a few changes as per my liking






Coriander Chutney – Mummy’s recipe

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MY mother makes the most delicious  chutney. I have grown up with the coriander chutney  applied to the vegetable sandwiches for school snacks. And when I shared the sandwiches, my classmates would wipe out the  whole box of sandwiches and I would be left with very few. My school friends still remember the chutney and discuss about the sandwiches during our get togethers. The recipe has changed since school days as she has started adding mint to the coriander.Its only now that I have asked for the recipe from mummy and made it!  Ofcourse its not as good as hers but it will get there soon when I start adjusting the quantities in the coming days.



Ingredients :


Mint – very less compared to the  amount of coriander leaves

Peanuts ( skin removed )- the skin will come off easily only if its roasted a bit in a pan before.

Green chilies



Cumin seeds powder

Lemon juice

Method :

Blend the ingredients in a mixture with a little water.

You can freeze in the refrigerator for 15-30 days. The color on the top of the chutney  will change to a dark green. But its okay to defrost,  remove the quantity that you need and use. I made it as I had made some split mung pudla ( pancakes) and wanted to eat with the chutney.

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