Candied orange peel

December 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

This being the season of oranges I was eating oranges often.
However, every time I ate and threw the orange peels, I felt I was wasting them.
Hence I went online and found how orange peels could be used.
I found a simple basic recipe which looked appetising and it had few ingredients, nothing elaborate 🙂


It turned out quite nice actually. Do try!


Healthy energy soup/dal

December 9, 2014 § 1 Comment

This post is on a recipe which is healthy, light and full of energy.
Recently I found myself sick and due to strong medication, having weakness.
This recipe was passed on by my friend P, who is an amazing cook herself.
She advised to cook this Dal/stew/soup which contains no oil, no calories but lots of energy.
My throat was also a bit sore.So couldn’t have any spicy food


Bengal gram / Brown Chana soaked overnight
Green gram /Green whole Mung soaked overnight
Onions thin slices or chopped finely
Garlic cloves thin slices or chopped finely
Turmeric powder
Tomatoes can be added to the above mix or lime juice can be squeezed while serving.
Salt to taste

Ginger julienned with salt and lemon juice as accompaniment.

Drop all the ingredients in a cooker with water.
Whistle around 6-7 on low fire or until the chana and mung are soft /cooked
Add coriander on top while serving
Drink it hot on its own as a dal or soup. The warm liquid feels good to the throat alongwith little ginger on the side.

You may think that it should be eaten only when feeling a bit down, however I won’t be surprised if you wanted to eat this dal not only when you are ill but every other day! 🙂

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