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September 27, 2014 § 1 Comment

I love travelling and especially if I have my favourite people living there. I am currently in the US visiting my friend Z and her family. I will be here for around 2 months  and would be blogging during my stay.

When this trip was planned, I was excited(other than the time I would be spending with the children and my friend)that I would have access to the kitchen and would be able to blog some new interesting recipes with the easily accessible food ingredients.

However, the first thing I made was the hummus.




Boiled chick peas
Few Garlic  cloves
Sesame seeds – roasted
Olive oil
Squeeze of lime juice
Salt to taste

Soak the chick peas  for 7-8 hours or more
Drain water.
Add water and salt and pressure cook the chick peas
On the side roast the sesame seeds and peel the garlic clove
Let the cooked chick peas cool down
Put the chick peas, garlic and the sesame seeds with a little oil in the mixture .

The consistency should be a thick paste and a bit coarse.
Add the boiled chick peas water to bring to the consistency you like.

I am glad that Z liked it and ate it for the next two days as accompaniment to the salad and sprouted mung.













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