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Ajada pronounced as (a-ha-da)



While studying the MA, I made few friends, however I found a good friend in P. She is Spanish. She introduced me to Spanish food. We would share our lunches during the last stressful crazy days of the MA studies in the jewellery workshop (though we weren’t allowed to eat in the workshop :))
She is a non vegetarian but was considerate to eat the vegetarian food I cooked . During my visit to her place, she had cooked the most delicious vegetarian Spanish dish Ajada for dinner with bread. It’s a dish which needs to be eaten hot.


Brocoli florets – 4 big
Garlic – 10 cloves or more. Cut the garlic cloves in half.If you like garlic, add more.
Olive oil 4 tbsp or more
Potatoes – 2 big peeled

Boil potatoes and brocoli. When they are boiled,sieve and keep on the side.

When the potatoes and brocoli are almost cooked,on the side, heat the olive oil in a small thick pan. When the oil is hot, put in the garlic. Let it brown slowly, when done, pour the mixture on the boiled potatoes and brocoli. Sprinkle paprika generously and serve immediately. If needed, sprinkle little salt or add some salt while boiling the potatoes.

Other vegetables like Carrots,french beans can also be used to get more variety.
For non vegetarians, white boiled fish and boiled egg can be added.




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