Purohit Attarwala , Nathdwara

April 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

This post is the best example to demonstrate ‘looks are deceptive’

I have always seen Sohanbhai sit at the shop with the same safari suit and the same hat. Would never have guessed how wealthy and enterprising he and his family are.

Purohit Attarwala
Mandir Marg

Fatehlal Purohit
– Eldest son – Sohanbhai + 7 sons +3 daughters
– Sohanbhai’s eldest son Rajnish + 1 son +2 daughters



The third generation (Rajnish, in the red t-shirt) has started working at the deceptive looking tiny corner shop.

Upon chatting with Sohanbhai, I was surprised about the story he told me about his family. The joint family (Fatehlal plus 8 sons and their children) consists of 45 members ,living in a haveli, with 22 rooms and eating from one kitchen!
The family now owns 10 shops, 2 cinema houses, 2 hotels plus land, factory, etc etc. Each son has a provision of one plot of land, incase they want to build their house individually.

When I asked him why he still sits at the tiny shop, he replied ‘we learnt the abcd of business from this place, how can we leave this?’ 🙂


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