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My recent travel to Nathdwara, Rajasthan was more of a nostalgic trip rather than a religious trip.I have spent many days during my ‘young’ times in Nathdwara. Its a place I am familiar with, people I am familiar with, the buzz I am familiar with. Its a comfort zone in an odd way since I absolutely dread the dirt, filth, the cow dung on the streets, the rats running between the small lanes, the smells, the open gutters. However several things have changed in the recent times. Its become more commercial than ever before, the temple and the place itself and more crowded and more filthy.

From the taxi person,Devi Singh who came to pick my mother and me from the Dabuk airport,the Maheshwari jewellers,the Purohit aatarwala,etc they all know my family and my parents since last 50 years.Devi Singh knows my parents from the first time they visited Nathdwara together after their marriage 🙂

I myself was visiting nathdwara after almost 5 years with my mom. Hence the time we landed at the Dabuk airport,Udaipur to the smooth roads to Nathdwara were a relief from the usual bumpy ride.

The arrivals part of he airport

Image 3

Image 2

Image 1

We reached Nathdwara in approximately an hour ,fifteen minutes.
Image 3


Cars/vehicles are not allowed inside the Temple area .
They are two entrances to reach the temple. Hence we have to walk to the several hotels which are near the main temple.
We entered through Govind chowk


Chowpatty is a place where the old and the young flock to at night and day to eat the gorgeous looking food. Not sure about the hygiene.I have a sensitive stomach so I am careful. Personally I don’t recommend to eat there 🙂


Image 10


Image 8

My mom loves eating at Chowpatty and has a strong stomach. We had dosas which was out of my system in 4 hours and my mom was absolutely fine! She wanted to eat the famous  ice cream, which I only just tasted. She had it full.

Image 7

The lanes which converge into the Mandir marg are filled with small shops on both sides of the narrow lanes, selling their wares – from fabric to jewellery to sarees to srinathji frames to articles for pooja to grains to offer the god at the temple.

Image 9

Image 5

Image 6

Image 3


Image 8




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