Makai nu shaak

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I take food and cooking very seriously, not only because it is important to eat but I believe food brings happiness. As my professor had mentioned recently during one of the office hours. He said, “When you ask someone ‘What brings them happiness?’ People  usually answer – traveling or watching movies, meeting new friends people, etc., which doesn’t happen very often. But with food, you can create that little happiness in your life everyday.” I completely agree with him as cooking  and eating does bring happiness for me.

When a sibling gets married, you loose a sibling to another family but if you are lucky enough, you can gain recipes. Since every family has a different style of cooking and its own favorite and unique recipe, my sister N shared this corn recipe which she cooks in her home. It’s a quick and easy recipe with few ingredients. And very satisfying!






Boiled Sweet corn- kernels and pieces of corn on the cob

Oil (I use ghee)

Mustard seeds

Hing /asafoetida

Turmeric powder

Red chili powder

Dhanajeeru (coriander seeds and cumin seeds powder)

Powdered coarsely roasted peanuts

Tomato puree ( I like finely chopped tomatoes)

Salt to taste

Sugar/Jaggery (optional)



Temper the mustard seeds, add hing, turmeric, red chili powder and the tomatoes. Fry the tomatoes for a while then add the powdered peanuts. Add the boiled corn, add some dhanajeeru, salt, water and let it cook for a while. Sprinkle some coriander before serving.

Serve hot with roti/phulka.


Green Mung soup

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I got this recipe from H, sister in law of my friend R.  R recommended that it was  a very tasty and healthy soup. I am glad that  H shared the recipe with me.




Ingredients :

Green Mung

Garlic cloves



Jeera /cumin seeds

Hing /asafoetida

Coriander leaves



Squeeze of lime juice



Soak the green mung overnight or for 6-8 hours. Wash it well and put in a pressure cooker along with water, turmeric, salt and tomatoe. Cook until 4-6 whistles. Until the cooker is being cooled, take a small pan or a vaghar vessel , add ghee/oil , garlic,  jeera , hing.

Once cooker is cooled, grind the dal mixture. And also add the sautéed ingredients to the dal mixture. If needed add water as per your liking. Bring the soup to a boil . Garnish with some coriander leaves and squeeze lime juice before serving.

Serving option : Serve the soup with some whole wheat bread, brie cheese  and a tomatoe salad on the side.


Peach iced tea

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I like peaches however I didn’t eat them much in India.  Though I enjoyed the peach iced tea .  I didn’t want to use the ready made pack of peach ice tea powder/blend.  Its summer here and the peaches are so juicy and tasty. Hence made the peach syrup at home.

Easy, fresh and so so delicious.

Found a easy recipe online




Ingredients :

Peaches – 3  (skinned and cut into small pieces )

Sugar – 1 cup

Water- 1 cup




Slice or make small pieces of skinned peaches. In a pan add water, sugar and the cut peaches. Bring the mixture to a boil and then keep it at low/sim for 45 mins or until the peaches are cooked.

Sieve the syrup. Mash the peaches against the sieve sides so as to get most of the flavors out of the peaches. Refrigerate the peach syrup.

I like my tea light. I would suggest one tetley tea bag for 2 cups of water. Drop tea bag into two cups of boiled water. Remove teabag after a few mins. Chill the tea water. Once chilled add the peach tea syrup. I would say 3/4 cup of tea water and 1/4 cup of peach syrup or add the peach syrup as per your taste. I like a bit sweet so I add more of the  peach syrup. Add ice cubes if you like.  Refreshing without any added preservatives, chemicals etc.




Avocado wrap with red sauce

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This recipe of a  wrap came about because of hunger and desperation 🙂

I had come back home and was very hungry to cook anything  or to go out and eat. I had to make use of whatever there was at home. And I didn’t want to eat any junk  foods like Tortilla chips, biscuits  or something else to satiate my hungry. And I didn’t want to eat anything cold.

I quickly got the ingredients together. While the pan was being heated to cook the roti, I quickly cut a avocado and squeezed some lime juice on it.



Ingredients :

Whole wheat roti /Durum wheat roti


Coriander leaves

Feta and olives marinated in olive oil with mixed herbs (recipe)

Red pasta sauce ( I had used the readymade basil and tomatoe sauce – ‘I know, I know  thats not healthy  as well 🙂 Approx 2-3 tablespoons for one wrap should be enough.

Lime juice



Ghee (optional)


Method :

Cook the roti, apply ghee if you like . Place the sliced  avocados and arrange them in the middle of the roti . Sprinkle some salt and pepper on it. Drizzle some marinated feta and olives on the avocado . Sprinkle some chopped coriander on top. Heat the  sauce in a small pan and spread the warm sauce  on the top of the avocados.  Fold the roti and eat. It will be a bit messy to work around the wrap but so much fun ! Try it I say 🙂

Roti could be replaced by  wholewheat tortillas wrap.

Could use the above  recipe  to make open face sandwiches  with whole wheat bread slice.


Love is

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Song playing in my head on loop ! 🙂

Adam Cohen – Love is 

Shakaria, Methi , Ringna ,Bateta nu Shaak

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I had recently bought some fresh  methi leaves to cook  Methi Mutter with yogurt  and had some methi leaves left over, which were enough to make another  vegetable. This combination of vegetables is cooked often at my home. I took the recipe from my mom and made it. It was quick and very satisfying to eat with some hot rotis.



Ingredients :

Shakaria – Yam /sweet potatoe ( Indian kind which is white in the inside. Was told at the Indian grocery store that it comes from California )

Methi- Fenugreek leaves

Ringna – Brinjal

Bateta – Potatoes


Rai- mustard seeds

Hing – Asafetida

Haldar- Turmeric

Red  chilli powder (optional )

Dhanajeeeru powder- mix of cumin seeds and coriander seeds






Put oil/ghee in pan. Mustard seeds when oil is hot. The mustard seeds should splutter.  Then add hing, turmeric , chili powder. Add the veggies,salt, jaggery (note: sweet potatoes are a bit sweet already) , dhanajeeru and tomato with little water to cook in. Cover and let it cook on medium to low for 10-15 mins. Once all veggies are soft/cooked and the water has reduced , it should be ready to eat.


Whole wheat bread/buns

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I started off  baking whole wheat bread in the shape of a loaf as usually  recipes are made in a loaf tin. However, I found that to store, to give away or to eat the whole loaf was a bit overwhelming  and felt that the quantity a bit more for one person to finish.  Hence I now  shape the dough in bun or pav shape. In this recipe I sprinkled  some rolled oats  on the top from the Red mill Organic oats pack  which my sister had left for me. The tiny detail of some sprinkled oats changes  the look of a simple whole wheat bread and makes it healthy with added fibre. I follow this recipe 

The recipe is simple and the bread turns out soft and tasty everytime !


Whole wheat flour – 3 cups

Water – 1 1/2 cup

Instant yeast – 1 tsp

Sugar – 1 tbsp

Oil/ Butter/Ghee – 1 tbsp

Milk – to sprinkle on top of the buns/rolls

Salt- 1 tsp



Mix all ingredients properly. Knead dough. Oil and cover for 2 -3 hours . Punch it down and knead again and roll into shapes. Let it stand for half hour so.  Oil the tins properly. Apply milk and sprinkle oats.   Preheat oven to 390 F or 200 C. Put the tins in the oven and lower the temperature to 300 F or 150 C for 30 mins or so and keep a lookout. Check if its done by inserting a tooth pick or a knife. Nothing should stick to it. That means its done. Remove and enjoy the hot breads. I sliced and toasted the buns  and ate with some Brie cheese for breakfast. It was so satisfying to eat homemade bread with cheese and a cup of tea ! Ofcourse you could use the bread to make avocado toasts or eat with just some home made strawberry jam.